chasseurs – the huntsmen

The Domaine has a rich history. Formerly a home to the highest officers of the famous Chasseurs Ardennais (elite group within the Belgian military) it has always been an important place to the surrounding area. The buildings were the pride of the regiment, they served for relaxation and were also used to receive other dignitaries.

The Stel family from Amsterdam purchased the Domaine some twenty years ago. Today it is owned by Axelle Meunier and her son Arnaud Steiner, who are delighted to welcome you here.

Domaine des Officiers - Historic image

wild boar

The image of the boar is a recurring theme at the property. It isn’t just the symbol of the Ardennes, but the Chasseurs Ardennais also used the animal as their mascot. A living specimen even used to live at the Domaine until 1990. The pet of the Officiers.

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